Education and thoughts in regards to the abortion laws within the Uruguay

Education and thoughts in regards to the abortion laws within the Uruguay

Questionnaire analysis was basically exported in order to Do just fine to clean and you can brought in towards Stata 14.2 (Stata, StataCorp, College Route, Colorado, USA) to have quantitative studies. Qualitative responses so you’re able to an unbarred-concluded matter concerning the way to obtain judgement for the characteristics was basically coded and you may tabulated in the Do just fine. We went univariate frequencies to have detailed and you will group details too because points about education, perceptions, and you will abortion skills. We hypothesized you to one another younger female and you can feminine with well over one to abortion inside their lifetime could have higher levels of thinking-reasoning, higher degrees of value reasoning, and start to become expected to feel judgement when you look at the characteristics. These types of hypotheses reflect traps faced by the young people internationally whenever trying sexual and you may reproductive health features additionally the possibility intense stigma among young feminine trying abortion and you can ladies who provides more than one abortion . To examine the latest theory regarding the ages, we chosen female 18–21 years of age so you can calculate the fresh sample of young feminine, as this group represents the brand new quartile of females inside study closest so you can puberty. I used a linear regression to examine if age bracket (18–+) or that have one or more abortion (yes/no) have been regarding the results to the “Worries about judgement” and you may “Self-judgement” ILAS sub-scales. I utilized logistic regression to examine whether or not generation or having several abortion was indeed in the notice-advertised experience regarding judgement (yes/no) within the ladies recent abortion services.

Attempt and you will participant properties

During the analysis period, 805 women obtained abortion qualities at employment health. Just like the revealed during the Fig. step one, a total of 693 female have been allowed to participate the newest research, among exactly who 162 (23%) was ineligible because they was in fact below 18 yrs . old and you will 188 (27%) denied to join. For this reason, 343 feminine was in fact subscribed to the analysis. With 128 female forgotten to check out-right up, i held 215 studies and provided 207 women in the analysis immediately following removing individuals who had been ineligible on account of years requirements (n = 2) otherwise replied less than 15 issues (letter = 6).

Ladies in the analysis had a hateful ages of many years (variety 18–44), and a lot hadn’t accomplished highschool (73%), just weren’t operating (56%), and have been partnered or partnered (58%) at the time of new survey. Seventy-seven percent said which have a minumum of one prior pregnancies and you will sixteen% had received one or more early in Venezuela mladenke the day abortions. A little over fifty percent were using contraceptive during new survey (54%) (Table step 1). Widely known contraception tips have been condoms and dental contraceptive pills; less than ten% were utilizing long-pretending steps instance an enthusiastic IUD or enhancement (maybe not shown).

Sense trying and receiving abortion attributes

Women in the study heard of the availability of court abortion qualities generally as a consequence of television-established news, press releases and other visibility (52%), or regarding family unit members, nearest and dearest otherwise acquaintances (23%). From relationships that have hospital professionals, all the female stated that they considered they might ask the new counselor concerns (86%), think it is easy to understand all the info it acquired when sharing options for unintended maternity (84%), and believed supported by healthcare teams in their abortion choice (87%). Most women claimed getting really or a bit pleased with the newest abortion functions they obtained (89%), and they carry out recommend these services so you can friends (88%) (Desk 2).

Information regarding brand new abortion legislation exists from inside the basic abortion visit. During the time of brand new questionnaire (after the next visit), feminine was very regularly the fresh new gestational decades restrictions given when you look at the the fresh new Uruguay legislation, that have ninety-five% distinguishing the newest restrict at twelve days. Most females (69%) as well as understood that they was basically required to sit-in four visits. New thorough objection component of legislation was less clear, with just 23% of women accurately revealing one to doctors you will definitely target.

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