The project usually assists BiH’s interior and local integration of the boosting their secret transport system

The project usually assists BiH’s interior and local integration of the boosting their secret transport system

The EBRD is provided bringing a sovereign financing so you’re able to Bosnia and Herzegovina (“BiH”) about quantity of to EUR 220 million become on-borrowed with the Federation away from Bosnia and you can Herzegovina Motorways Ltd (“FBHM” or “Client”) via Federation out-of Bosnia and you may Herzegovina (“FBH”) on structure from a different Passageway Vc motorway part of approximately fifteen kms throughout the Mostar North Interchange for the Mostar Southern area Interchange (Project). The project is expected to profit away from a financial investment grant during the the degree of EUR 150 billion regarding Eu (“EU”) in West Balkans Investment Build (“WBIF”).

Your panels has that interchange to your north-end, a 2 kilometres a lot of time tunnel in the exact middle of the part and you can courses connecting the brand new motorway to the existing trunk area road M17. The project is actually a follow-on process to the Bank’s prior methods to your design of key motorway sections of Passageway Vc from inside the BiH which connects Port from Ploce inside the Croatia with Budapest and is part of the Western Balkans Core Circle

Opportunity Expectations

Service of BiH’s economic advancement and you may sum to their regional and Western european consolidation because of the improving associations anywhere between their head places and you may between BiH and you may neighbouring regions.

Transition Perception

Your panels will also strengthen (i) business competition which have put up from a sector rules report and you will solution top arrangement during the FBH peak and you can (ii) long lasting into introduction of an electronic digital toll range (“ETC”) program and also the Motorway team raising commercial resource through ties.

Customer Recommendations

The consumer try Motorways of your own Federation from Bosnia and you may Herzegovina, a community company wholly belonging to government entities of your own Federation out of Bosnia and you may Herzegovina. The company is responsible for the development, operation and you will restoration off motorways and expressways about FBH.

EBRD Funds Realization

An excellent sovereign mortgage as much as EUR 220 mil on the-borrowed to help you to help you FBHM that have straight back-to-back make sure off FBH. The customer could possibly get thought money out-of various other IFI otherwise bank hence may potentially disappear EBRD’s exposure toward Opportunity.

Total Project Cost

Complete resource plan comes with EUR 220 mil sovereign loan and you may EUR 150 billion WBIF offer. This new Customer’s sum regarding EUR 63 billion is envisaged getting VAT cost.


The additionality of EBRD capital comes with: (i) the credit construction; (ii) financial support mobilisation; (iii) chance minimization; and you can (iv) standard-setting: corporate governance improvements.

Environment and you may Societal Bottom line

Classification A great (ESP 2019). The project boasts the development and you will procedure/fix from a good 14.2 kilometres part of motorway regarding Mostar Northern interchange for the Mostar South interchange when you look at the Federation from Bosnia and you can Herzegovina. So it project belongs to the bigger trans-European Vc corridor connecting Budapest (Hungary) to help you Port away from Ploce (Croatia). A representative are chose to do the fresh new complete Environment and Societal Effect Assessment (ESIA) disclosure plan. The newest ESIA paperwork was uncovered into the EBRD’s website towards and you can includes the next data:

The fresh September has a listing of guidance revelation and you will neighborhood conferences presented so far, and an overview of following revelation/consultation points. Several small session conferences was indeed stored towards secret stakeholders from inside the ESIA preparing also five environmental advice non-political organization (NGOs), representatives out of Local Communities (LCs) Vrapcici, Gnojnice, Bijelo Polje and Kuti and you will relevant ministries and you may regional government. Special attention was paid off to see connections from returnees to evaluate the vulnerability and you will possible opportunity concerns. The brand new ESIA social disclosure and you will personal reading was organised on design away from federal environmental impact investigations procedure. NGOs and you can representatives from LCs participated in this technique and their comments was taken into consideration while in the finalisation of your own ESIA package. The outcomes from social engagement is summarised on September and Social Appointment Statement (PCR). Which PCR would be typed towards EBRD site throughout the following one-fourth of 2022.

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